Australia-Timor school links

Below is a list of Australian schools and universities, and the schools/groups they are linked to in Timor-Leste.


This list has only just started being compiled. Please add links to the list via the contact form below.


Australian School or Group
Timorese school or Organization
Brief description of links / programs
Burleigh Heads Catholic Parish QLD and Marist SolidaritySt Teresinha's Parish School, OssuHelp fund rebuilding of junior school. Stage 2 underway (2017)Sue Milsom
[email protected]
Damascus College (Ballarat) Santa Maria College, AinaroYearly visit from Australia, students take over Medical equipment, sporting goods, stationery and school supplies[email protected]
Whitefriars College (Donvale)linked with Carmelites in Dili and ZumalaiYearly immersion visit, teaching EnglishPeter Rennie
[email protected]
P +61 3 9872 8200
Xavier College (Melbourne)linked with Jesuit mission in Timor-LesteYearly immersion visitPeter Ryan
(03) 9854 5411
St Aloysius college (North Melbourne)linked to schools in Maliana, via Mercy WorksAligned to Mercy Works in Timor-Leste(03) 9325 9200 [email protected]
St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace linked with Edmund Rice foundation, schools in RailacoYear 10 immersion trip to timor, Terrace Timor Network activities[email protected]

Taupa Mahulu – Rural Education Sponsorship ProgramTaupa Mahulu primary school, LiquicaEducation sponsorships, water and toilet facilities for the school Jane Moran
[email protected]
Ballarat GrammarLinked to schools in AinaroYearly immersion visitRob Gray
[email protected]
Christian College BellarineCalixa Secondary school, ViquequeYear 11s study Timor-Leste, annual Year 11 and 12 immersion trips. Annual teacher trips to mentor timorese teachers. English classes, fundraising, and support from tradies. Deb Singleton [email protected]
Christian College Highton4 Septembro Secondary school, viquequeYear 11s study Timor-Leste, annual Year 11 and 12 immersion trips. Annual teacher trips to mentor timorese teachers. English classes, fundraising, and support from tradies. Deb Singleton [email protected]
Clonard College (Geelong)Uaimori Primary school, viquequeCarmel Brown [email protected]
Geelong High SchoolMundo Perdido junior secondary school,
Kardinia International College, GeelongCaibira Primary school, viquequeJonathan Chapman [email protected]
St Francis Xavier PS, GeelongSt Estevao secondary school, viquequeKate Jago
Tel: 03 5275 1974
[email protected]
St Ignatius College, geelongMamulak primary school, viquequeMichael Wright [email protected]
St Joseph’s College, Geelong01 Viqueque secondary school, ViquequeRachel Roche [email protected]
Ave Maria College, aberfeldie, victoriaSt Maria Mazzarello School, VenilaleYearly immersion visit to East Timor, fundraisingSharon Walsh
[email protected]
Cornish College, Bangalore, VictoriaWatuacarbau Parish English language schoolEnglish language school supportTim Lake
[email protected]
Sacred Heart College (Geelong)Orphanage in BaucauYearly immersion tripSharon Gillett
[email protected]
ACU Future in Youth (Sports Science)Schools and youth groups in BaucauYearly immersion trip, sports education, encouraging girls' participation in sportAnthony Whitty
[email protected]
ACU Barefoot Nurses San Antonio Parish, Baucau
Carmelite Sisters, Maubisse
Supporting basic health through capacity building, yearly visitSr Monica Whelan LCM
[email protected]
ACU MidwiferyBairo Pite ClinicYearly 10 day visit, working at Bairo Pite ClinicLynne Dunne
[email protected]
ACU ParamedicineDili Ambulance ServiceYearly 10 day visit, working with Dili Ambulance ServiceJohn Latham
[email protected]
University of Queensland, Physiotherapy and OTCentre of National RehabilitationYearly 4 week visit, working with the National Rehabilitation Centre (CNR)Ruth Dunwoodie
[email protected]
Swinburne University of Technology (with CERES) Aileu Resource and Training Centre, Mercy CorpsIT for social impact program, ongoing?
ACU EducationSchools in RailacoYearly visit, teaching primary school students years 1-6Donna Cook
[email protected]
Student Conservators for Timor-Leste, Melbourne University Collaboration with cultural heritage holders in Timor-LesteYearly visit[email protected]
James Cook University, Physiotherapy, Speech pathology and occupational therapyCentre of National RehabilitationYearly 4 week visit working with the National Rehabilitation CentreCarla Dyson
[email protected]
St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill
Marist Brothers Timor-LesteSupport for Marist mission in Timor-Leste[email protected]
St Monica's College (Epping)Children First FoundationFundraising to bring a young boy to Australia for surgeryBrian Hanley
[email protected]
Canberra Islamic School and ANUScience teachers in MalianaScience workshop with Maliana science teachers, using local products.David Johns
[email protected]
Deakin UniversityTimor-Leste ministry of educationProgram helping kids stay in Primary school in TimorProfessor John Toumbourou
[email protected]
Phone +61 3 522 78278
'Across the Timor Sea' group, Western Australian schoolsAilalec primary school, Manufahischool and sporting equipment, scholarshipsJan Roberts
[email protected]
0468 328 585
Beaconhills College (Berwick, Packenham)Dato rua primary school, lame kraik primary school, Railaco English Language study centre, ErmeraAnnual year 10 visit. 2017 solar lamp project, cement/clay slow burners, school refurbishmentSam Maddock
[email protected]
St Paul's anglican grammar (Warragul, Traralgon)Ermera schoolsVisits to Timor, fundraising for Timor[email protected]
Hillcrest Christian College, Clyde NorthErmera vila community senior secondary schoolVisits to Timor, sister school relationship since 2014Kerry McCracken
[email protected]
Fleetwood road kindergarten, Narre WarrenErmera vila kindergartenfundraising and collecting pencils, crayons etc. Sandi McGeagh
Contact via friends of Ermera [email protected]
Albert Park College, MelbourneSuai Secondary CollegeFundraising to refurbish basketball court and supply equipmentFriends of Suai
03 9209 6598
download info
Mansfield Secondary CollegeBercoli Junior High School (Venilale)Student visits in 2011, 2013, 2015 & 2017. Fundraising for school equipment, basketball court construction[email protected]
Mansfield Primary SchoolUato Haco Primary School (Venilale)Fundraising for school facilities[email protected]
Mansfield Rudolf Steiner SchoolUai Laco Junior High School (Venilale)Fundraising for school facilities[email protected]
Lauriston Girls' School Howqua CampusUai Bua Junior High School (Venilale)Fundraising for school facilities, basketball court construction[email protected]
St Mary's Primary School & St Francis Xavier Catholic ParishUato Haco Catholic Primary School & Sao Cristovao Junior High School (Venilale)Fundraising for school facilities[email protected]
Mansfield Christian FellowshipOsso Uaque Primary & Saelari Primary School (joint)Fundraising for school facilities[email protected]
Mansfield Anglican Church
Uai Oli Primary School & Saelari Primary School (joint) (Venilale)Fundraising for school facilities[email protected]
Geelong Grammar School Timbertop CampusVenilale Senior High Schoolfundraising for school facilities, scholarships, toilets and library construction[email protected]
Mansfield District HospitalVenilale Health CentreFundraising for medical supplies & equipment[email protected]
Tenison Woods College, Mount Gambier, SA
St Francis Xavier College, HatoliaYearly immersion.A variety of fundraising activities including money, stationary packs, computers, books, sporting equipment and musical instrumentsBernadette Fisher
[email protected]